Patch 1.06 - Camera improvements, Humble Store and beyond!

Hi! We've spent a few weeks tidying and patching the game a bit further in preparation for further projects!

We have also released on the Humble Store! A nice little milestone for us since our Humble Trove release. :)

  • Cone traces! I've written a little algorithm for the cameras to work out what you are taking a photo of, which should help with documenting very large and very small objects!
  • Fresh new game icon!
  • Improved feedback when pulling screens, toned down some of the forces where the player was able to be launched out of the ship at high speed!
  • MAL eye light now correctly disables at a certain point.
  • Made a character less fidgety.
  • Fixed various instances of Lauren's old name.

Keep your eyes peeled for our future projects!



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Mar 15, 2018

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