2000:1: A Space Felony is out! And it's FREE!

What's happening?

We've just released 2000:1: A Space felony on itch.io, and for the first week of its availability, it's entirely free (unless you'd rather pay, in which case, it's any price you'd like).

After our successful debut as part of Humble's Monthly Bundle in July, we've been aching to put this game into even more hands, but the time hasn't been right; we didn't want to get trampled on steam by the late-year release schedules. And so, we've elected to release exclusively on itch.io until a later date, with a free first week because we really like people playing our game. We'll amend a more permanent price to it on the evening of Monday the 27th, so be sure to get it before then, though that price will also be pretty low.

Play our game. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your enemies.

Why are we doing this?

We're in a fortunate situation; our next two projects are funded, so we're staying fed and keeping the lights on. We could always do with more money, of course, but what's more valuable to us right now is getting the game into more hands, and making sure it's easily available for all who might want to play it.

In the meantime, we will be accepting donations by way of itch.io's 'pay what you want' system for those who would like to leave a tip. 20% of any donation will go to the site for all the good stuff it does for folks like us. 

What's Next?

Some of you may know we've been working on a remake of Disorient on the Murder Express. That's still happening, but it's coming along slower than we expected. As it's not funded, we're prioritising the two projects that are. We Disorient to release before the end of the year, and then both that and 2000:1 will show up on Steam and maybe elsewhere shortly after the new year.. As for the two projects we have funded; expect them both in Spring/Summer 2018. One is a Western Christmas Comedy Murder Mystery, and the other is a Shakespearean Murder Mystery that's currently looking to cut into Dating Sim territory.

Thanks to everyone keeping a close eye on us, we really appreciate all the support.


Gary and the team at National Insecurities.

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What'll be the regular price?

$5. If it isn't $5, it'll be lower, not higher.