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Really loved this! Nice and short. Got a little stuck with the last connection. was a bit difficult to remember who was who. It would have been nice if the panels said. Played Via Humble App Using an xbox controller without issue (except me pressing the wrong buttons). the rotate control info could have come slightly earlier as i was already upsidedown at that point. =p

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Wow, what a grand space mystery! Loved it! I just had to stop after 30 min because the absence of gravity was starting to make me feel dizzy. It's hard to float in that many directions!


I loved this! A little weirdly taxing on my computer but still fine, just heated a little. 
I actually watched 2001 so I could play this game hahaha, worth it
Thanks for making this!

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Just started playing. The mouse control is strange. I can only turn left and right about 270° and up and down about 180°, then the camera refuses to turn further, which makes navigation difficult-to-impossible. I quickly found myself facing backward into the docking vessel and did not have a clear way to face back out of it.

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Okay, restarting the game seems to have fixed it. The camera is much more sensitive, now (which I can adjust). Perhaps the error was because the game was not in focus when it first launched? I had clicked a video in another window to pause it after executing the binary and then came back to the game once it had finished starting up.

Anyway, had a good time. I adore these rare, deduction games.

Absolutely loved it. This has genuinely been one of the most fun gaming experiences for me this year. I loved the story, and enjoyed the puzzling.


I loved MAL so much. At the end, when he explains the joke he made in the beginning, it was so endearing. Cuz it was funny. I just didn't get it, he was genuinely being funny, he understood what a joke is. He felt very real and very sort of human. It's a shame about the killing part...

I loved the writing for this game! Excellent bite sized fun! Thank you very much. Mal's joke was indeed very funny.

Loved it! Funny, engaging, and made me feel clever. Well done :)

Loved this short but satisfying game. Played similarly to Return of The Obra Dinn in that you're solving a case in which a ship's crew have gone missing or dead, by using clues played out in small vignettes and putting the pieces together. Loved the 2001 vibe of it all. The dialogue and music are spectacular. Especially the whistled part.

Just finished the game and the ending is just... chef's kiss.

Super quick but even more fun and gives you a bit to think about.


Got a little sketchy with the controls at first, but didn't let that distract me from the fact that this is a very well done game. One of the best I've seen in

Excellent graphics

Awesome soundtrack

Fantastic dialogue

Very intriguing premise. Great work!


I absolutely love the controls, that feeling of unoriented weightlessness.  Would like an option to make the subtitles more readable - they are very thin, lightweight, and tiny.


The interviewy guy was annoying... would've been nice to have a "no interruptions" option that made him not exist anymore. I just wanted to float around the crime scene and take photographs, but his head kept blocking the playspace that got shrunk whenever he started talking.

He made me hate the experience just by existing.


I enjoyed what I played but I wish there was saving. The movement left me feeling feeling pretty unwell and when I reached around an hour I just had to stop. I don't play a lot of first person games in the first place so I guess one in space is a bit much for me. 

I noticed OpenVR is in the source files. Is there SteamVR support?

Nope. Sorry.

Unfortunately a bug prevented me from completing the game, or I'm missing something.


I was at the part where the computer asked me where the liquid came from, and I right-clicked the jar of liquid to propose that is where it came from. It showed the video screen highlight blue, but nothing was said. I then right-clicked multiple video screens and they highlighted blue, but nothing was said. Eventually I could no longer right-click screens to propose responses, they would show a light but no narrative response. I really enjoyed what I played of this game but I'm sad that it seemed to have broke itself right near the end before I was almost done with the investigation. 

Exact same situation, exact same timing, the very last of the crew members to account for. Maybe has something to do with leaving Valeria Asimon for last? Hard to say... Annoying, but was fun while it lasted. Guess I'll look up the end on Youtube.

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beautiful style/design, nice investigative method, loved the humor, great experience i really enjoyed it! 

For some reason, I'm not getting any audio. I already adjusted the volume controls in the main menu, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Is there something obvious that I'm missing?

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That's neither a problem we've encountered nor a problem we've ever had reported to us (that I remember). I'm not sure what to suggest beyond messing with some audio settings, perhaps the volume mixer or something in your windows settings.

I purchased this in a recent bundle. I wish there was a Mac version.. I really want to play this!!

Great game!

Thanks, Alex. Glad you enjoyed.

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It typically defaults to your screen resolution but you may be able to force it lower in graphics settings on windows, or by temporarily lowering your computer's resolution then loading it. Sorry about that.

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Yeah a lot of that is down to us using Unreal 4, a pretty heavy engine, for a fairly simplistic game. Glad you enjoyed it anyways. Consider giving Once Upon a Crime in the West a chance, our follow up game, also included in the bundle.

Hi! Liking what I've seen so far, but a bit surprised that it doesn't seem possible to save the game? If it is, I'm not sure how - would appreciate some pointers, in that case!

Unfortunately complications made a save system a difficult thing to apply here, and since the game's play time is between 1 hour and 90 minutes we simply designed it assuming it would be played in a single sitting. The same applies to Once Upon a Crime in the West.

Ah, understandable. No problem!


Spoiler of the ending ahead:

I really liked this game, but I didn't quite understand the ending of it (maybe because I haven't seen 2001 Space Odyssey?). I actually left the station in my first run, and then played again to see what happens if you deactivate Mal. My question is, in the game it states that it's my "legal responsibility" to deactivate Mal if he's the killer, but then the Detective is on trial at the end.

Spoiler done.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game. I loved the music and the design of it! I had to turn down the graphic settings by half to get the frame rate anywhere near acceptable, but that's because I ran it on a laptop, so no biggy. Love it!


In the end it's shown that AI are part of the society. The blue AI is a member of the court. The ship AI admits his murders being all in self defence. Thus you (the detective) disabling/killing it is a step above the law.

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After you deactivate MAL, Ground Control says in an aside that he forgot to record your (i.e. the detective's) mic, so from what I understand, you're tried for murder.

The exact quote is:

"Thus ends this reconstruction of the record... as we forgot to record your mic feed. We'll erm... we'll see you in court, detective."

Love your work man! You rock!

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Any ports planned for Linux and Mac?


We'd love to, but simply don't have the expertise (or equipment, in Mac case) ourselves. Nothing planned yet, but I wouldn't rule it out for the future.

If you make a Linux port, I would be happy to try it out for you and report any bugs. Just label it as experimental if you are concerned of weird bugs.


Interesting little game. Watch 2001: A Space Odyssey if you haven't already. Play the game afterwards.


Unable to play :/ lefthanded

I'm really sad, I've launched the game, get into the intro and started playing and nothing to remap the game controls ?!?! how is it possible ? 

Superb game! I was really impressed with the quality of the design, the writing, the music, the narration, everything really. It felt like a lot of work had gone into making this small, perfectly formed experience. A real gem. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Awesome game. I loved the humor and your respects paid to 2001. Highly recommend playing with a controller

Loved the 2001 theme, well executed along with the humor and mystery theme. Enjoyed the writing and the graphics were basic but did their job well. Audio was mostly on point but that voice acting...oof. Great game though, loved it.


Really? I'm playing it now and I feel like the voice acting fits really well with the game.

not a huge fan of Mal's voice actor but I thought ground control was superbly voiced


Really well made, the humor took me by surprise from the beginning.  I love the epic introduction and ending, the nods to 2001: A Space Odyssey, the beautiful design of Mal.  The flying took me a minute to get adjusted to, but it worked flawlessly once I figured it out.  This is the first detective based game that I actually enjoyed, and got involved in.  Deeply.  I actually understood all of the characters by the end, how they got where they were, and I cared.  That is something I am impressed by.  Terrific work, I look forward to seeing your future murder mysteries.  


It's always good to see people play our game, and see how they work it out. Thanks!

We might have our remake of Disorient on the Murder Express available as early as next month (Christmas kinda time).


Sounds awesome! Can't wait :)

Hey I recorded a quick video of your game, if you'd like to check it out! Really enjoyed it can't wait to check out your other games

Thanks, we'll be releasing 3 new murder mysteries in the next year, if all goes to plan, with at least one of those matching the scope of this one. We look forward to sharing them all with you.


This game is incredible! Funny, witty, intense, creepy and charming at the same time, the writing and the visuals make together a very interesting atmosphere and brain power usage as well :D I still managed to succeed though!

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check. wish you the best of luck for your future projects, I'd be really glad to see more from you, cheers!

Thanks, we're really glad you enjoyed it and recorded it. Your support is appreciated. This game is to be one of four wildly different murder mysteries in a series. We have another available on here for free, Disorient on the Murder Express, but we're in the middle of remaking that so expect to hear from us near christmas, with the following 2 next year.

Awesome, I'll be in touch then

I normally have my taskbar at the top of the screen. When I launch 2000:1:A Space Felony, it continues to show my taskbar. If I set the taskbar to auto-hide, it just shows a strip of my background wallpaper where the taskbar would normally be when open. I had to move my taskbar to the bottom of the screen to get the game to display correctly.

I wish there was a different way to report issues to you, but it seems this and Twitter are the only ways you can be reached, and I don't use twitter.


Do you happen to have any other games made in Unreal 4 to see if it happens with them? Also, what version of Windows are you using?

Shoot the answer to those to:

We probably should have put that email somewhere folks would find it. Will do that now.


How do you save the game?